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2013 Koop Award Winners

The Health Project is proud to announce the 2013 C. Everett Koop National Health Award Winners. The Health Project is a dedicated undertaking, capitalizing on carefully selected private and public health initiatives which have improved measurably the health status of Americans. It has stored these proven programs in a repository here so that corporations and community agencies may draw on them according to their needs.

Dell, Inc.

In 2004, Dell launched a comprehensive wellness and health-improvement program, branded "Well at Dell". Since its inception, the Dell program has created a culture of wellbeing that encourages a healthy lifestyle for team members and their families, while mitigating healthcare cost increases for the company. Well at Dell provides substantial financial incentives designed to engage and reward participants who monitor, maintain and improve their health. Along with annual health screenings and quarterly wellness challenges, the program provides resources such as telephone and on-site lifestyle coaching for health risk reduction, condition management programs, onsite fitness and health centers, as well as virtual wellness offerings. In the past year, more than 80 percent of team members and 45 percent of spouses/domestic partners have participated in "Well at Dell" health improvement and wellness programs. Well at Dell program participants have consistently experienced health improvement and reduction in health risks. Tracked over four years (2009-2012), repeat health survey (HRA) participants demonstrated a seven percent increase in the number of participants at low risk and a five percent decrease in the number of participants at high risk. Ten of twelve tracked health risks showed improvements with physical activity, nutrition, and stress as the most improved for both team members and spouses. Overall, the Well at Dell health management program has achieved high engagement rates, risk reduction in key health risks, evidence of cost reduction associated with risk reduction and annual ROIs at or exceeding 2.0:1 during this time period.   

2013 Honorable Mentions

  • American Express – Healthy Living
  • Berkshire Health Systems – Wellness at Work
  • Graco – Graco's Wellness Program

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